Thursday, April 30, 2009

Swine Flu

According to wellknown elliot wave analyst vivek patil

"One of of the important parameter that leads to the actual lowest value of the bear cycle is the catastrophic event. Such event would be a terrible disaster or accident, especially the one that leads to a great loss of life. The last two cycles had seen terrorist activities, serial blast in Mumbai during ‘1993 and WTC tower collapse during ‘2001.

These events happen suddenly, without any warning, and their catastrophic proportions are not known even while they are happening. During ‘1993, one blast would have been normal, but 13 serially proved catastrophic. During ‘2001, 1st hit could have been an accident, but two in succession was catastrophic.

These events led to such desperation that the lows created thereafter were never ever broken again, Sensex low of 1980 during ‘1993 and 2584 during ‘2001.

Ironically, therefore, such events did, and will provide the best of the investment opportunity to an investor, who is able to take it when it comes. If so, we could be on watch, from now till whenever it occurs.

The WHO has raised the pandemic alert level to 4 for swine flu, the highest since the scale was developed in 2005

could this be the catastrophic event that he has been talking about

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