Monday, June 15, 2009


Falling wedge is seen on nifty 5 min chart, so breakout with volume could again take nifty to 4693.


  1. Renu ji..
    firstly i want to saay.. yesterday reliance post was a superb one...thx fr that..

    where as today.. gap down opening of nifty... @ around 4430..
    so dnt u think this falling wedge pattern got invalid..

    and a long expanding triangle pattern in intraday charts is still alive..
    as weel as we also brokedown th rising wedge pattern in half hourly charts..

    and also tell bout the HnS pattern in banknifty is alive...?

    support ur view..!!

  2. Yash ji,

    falling wedge got invalidated as we had a huge gap down opening today, and yes nifty broke down from rising wedge today so it could now go upto 4100 level.With regard to bank nifty it looks that itis moving in a triangle and HNS pattern does not look good as of now.

  3. thanx for tht valuabe suggestion.. renu ji

    one more query..
    wat r u seeing for Nifty as of nw...
    it recovered from the days low to positive side..
    and seems to break 4500 levels too...